EduCtrl - Education Consultancy CRM

EduCtrl CRM is a top pick CRM software that manages business pertinent to study abroad education consultants and training institutes. EduCtrl is completely integrated and is a cost effective tool. It’s a feature rich, easy to use tool that helps to carry out your business processes seamlessly. The software maintains complete information about students, courses, leads, batches, timings, classes, and many more. The ease and flexibility of the application helps to manage trainers, staff and aspiring students looking for overseas education or training effortlessly.

With the revolution in education system, you cannot depend on age-old CRMs that hold you back. To expand your horizons, you need to get upgraded with the latest tools and drifts in the educational space. Switch to EduCtrl software that is simple, intuitive, and has the most powerful features, specifically made for overseas education consultants and education institutes. To know more, Visit EduCtrl

ClientCtrl - All-in-one Client Management System

Modern Customer Management System

ClientCtrl is crafted with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in focus, providing comprehensive customer management solutions in a single all-in-one software.

If you have a growing business, you need to keep track of everything in your sales pipeline. From leads and orders to payments and reports, you cannot give your potential customers or existing customers any reason to choose a different business partner. ClientCtrl is a comprehensive CRM that can function as lead management software for small businesses, billing software, software for customer support and much more. With ClientCtrl, you can infuse your business with robust efficiency by streamlining all your tasks through a single platform, ultimately impacting your bottom line.